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Last updated 25th Apr 2022


The work experience, or work history, section of the resume is a listing of information for each of the companies or organizations the resume writer has worked for in the past.


Work history is typically listed in reverse chronological order; meaning the most recent work experience appears first in the document, while the oldest experience appears last. Work experience is an important component of both chronological resumes and combination resumes, since these two formats highlight the job applicant's previous places of employment.

The elements of a work experience section of the resume include:

  • Company Name, City, State
  • Dates of Employment
  • Job Title or Position

The above information is then followed by two or three sentences, describing the responsibilities of the position as well as major accomplishments. Whenever possible, include facts such as employees directed, financial responsibilities, business objectives achieved as well as awards received.


The following illustrates how the work experience section of a resume might appear on the document:

Company XYZ, New Town, New York September 20010 to January 20XX Manager: Workforce Planning

Responsible for managing eight associates trained in the art of Lean Six Sigma. The team was successful in launching a minimum of five process improvement initiatives annually. Typical bottom-line benefits would exceed $3 million in annual savings.

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