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Social Job Search


The term social job search refers to the practice of integrating social media sites into an overall job hunting strategy. Social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ provide job searchers with the ability to connect to businesses as well as expand their personal networks.


As the services offered by social media sites expand, websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ allowed users to quickly connect with individuals that could help them find a job. Recruiters, as well as corporate human resources (HR) personnel, not only use social media websites to screen applicants but also find candidates.

Several media sites allow companies to post job openings as well as process applications. Websites like LinkedIn provide insights into a prospective employee’s education and work experiences, while sites like Google+ and Facebook allow employers to assess a candidate’s fit with the company’s culture. Recruiters can be very active on social media websites, oftentimes reaching out directly to potential candidates with leads.

As companies leverage the information available on the Internet, job hunters need to recognize the importance of shaping their personal brand, which is directly related to the information appearing in social media websites.

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