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The heading on a resume or cover letter is used to grab the attention of the recruiter or potential employer. The heading should provide the reader with a two to five word description of the job applicant’s background or area of expertise.


The heading is the first element to appear on a cover letter or resume. For example, the prescribed elements of a cover letter include a heading, objective statement, introductory paragraph, cover letter body and closing paragraph.

The heading should appear on the same line as the job applicant’s name, and attempt to define the career interests of the applicant. For example, an individual that has worked in the area of budgeting or finance might have a heading that would include a reference to:

  • Financial / Business Analyst, or
  • Financial Planning Manager / Finance Executive

These would be the positions of interest to the job applicant or their area of expertise, and typically aligned with the job opening to which they are responding.


Below is illustrated a format that can be used as a heading statement at the top of a cover letter or a resume:

JOHN SMITH Financial Planning Manager / Finance Executive 12 Main Street, Your City, NY 10001 (XXX) XXX-XXXX

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