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Objective Statement


The term objective statement refers to a declaration of the job applicant’s reason for sending their resume to a company. An objective statement can be included as part of the resume format itself, or reside within the cover letter.


The objective statement is used by the job applicant to tell the hiring company or recruiter why they deserve an interview. Since the objective statement is a brief explanation of the career and position goals of the applicant, it should be aligned with each type of job, or position, sought.

A well-written objective statement should answer three questions:

  • What the job applicant is doing: bringing, or presenting, to the hiring company their objectives for review.
  • What the job applicant is presenting them with: achievements, skills, and knowledge, which also appear on the resume.
  • Why the applicant is sending them a resume: to discuss joining their company as a member of a group, team, or department.


The following is an illustration of an objective statement, which might be included in a cover letter:

I am bringing to your attention my strategic thinking abilities, along with my proven record of cost reduction, so that we can discuss my joining Company XYZ as a member of your Corporate Planning team.

Additional examples can be found in our publication resume objective statements.

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