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In our free downloads section we've gathered together all of the supplemental tools referenced by our articles.  You can find additional financial planning tools located in our online calculators section.

On this page we've organized this different downloads by type.  In the first section you've find a variety of spreadsheets including amortization tables, budgeting worksheets and some spreadsheets containing tables of information such as a list of the Dow Jones Industrial Average component companies.

Next your find documents containing resumes as well as cover letter templates and examples.  At the end of this section you'll find a variety of documents including job applications, thank you letters and even a credit dispute sample letter.

Amortization Schedules / Tables

In this first section you'll find seven different amortization tables ranging from three to thirty years.  These spreadsheets have been organized based on loan term with short term loans being three to five year tables and long term tables that are more appropriate for mortgages ranging or home equity type loans ranging from ten to thirty years.

Short Term Loans

Long Term Loans and Mortgages

Spreadsheet Performing Calculations

Listed below are a variety of spreadsheets that are referenced by our articles and perform specific functions such as budgeting or even car lease calculations.

Spreadsheets Containing Information

The three spreadsheets below contain simple lists of information.  In this case we've got lists of the three most famous Dow Jones Indexes including the component companies and their weighting in each index.

Resumes and Cover Letters

The remainder of these downloads are documents.  This includes resume templates and samples followed by documents dealing with cover letters.  We follow up with some letters dealing with job applications and interview thank you examples.  Finally, we've got one document that relates to debt - a credit dispute letter.

Resume Templates

Resume Samples / Examples

Electronic Resumes

Cover Letter Samples / Templates

Jobs Applications and Interview Thank You Letters

Debt Help Letters

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