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NYSE Amex Composite Index (Amex Composite Index)


The term NYSE Amex Composite refers to an index that includes stocks in the NYSE Amex equities market. The NYSE Amex Composite Index represents the aggregate value of both common shares and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) of AMEX-listed companies.


Previously known as the Amex Composite Index, the NYSE Amex Composite Index measures the performance of the equities traded on the NYSE Amex. The Amex is traditionally an equity market for emerging growth companies. The composite is market capitalization weighted, which means stocks with higher market capitalization values have a greater impact on the movement of the index.

First published on December 29, 1995, the index measures just a portion of the entire stock market, giving weight to emerging growth companies. The performance of the index can be tracked using the stock ticker XAX.

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