The IRS is cracking down on some credit counseling agencies that have been found offering substandard advice, or charging clients relatively high fees.  Some agencies have also been found using high-pressure sales tactics, while pushing debt plans that are not always in the best interests of their clients.

Taxpayers throughout the United States flocked to the Internal Revenue Website in record levels this tax season.  With a filing deadline of April 17, 2006, the IRS site set a single day record of nearly 3.4 million visits, eclipsing the prior one-day record set last season of 3.3 million visits.

Anyone that hasn't tried e-file yet is in a shrinking minority.  According to statistics recently released by the IRS, electronically filed tax returns continue to grow in popularity, as well as the use of home computers to file those returns.

There have been several developments that affect student loans in the news recently.  The first has to do with the ongoing battle between private lenders and loans available from the federal government.  The second bit of news has to do with a recent ruling by the Supreme Court.