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Articles: Leasing or Buying a Car

Last updated 25th Apr 2022

When you buy or lease a car, you're normally making a multi-year commitment to the vehicle. Translation: you want to make sure you're buying or leasing a car that provides you with the reliability and service you need. That means that sleek new two-seater just won't do for most families of five.

You're also making a financial commitment when you buy or lease a car. It can be financially painful to sell a brand new car, and terminating a lease can be costly. So the more information you can gather before making a purchase, the greater the chance you'll be happy with the choice that you'll make.

Buying a New Car

If you're looking for reliability and deriving the most long term value from your car, then buying a new car is perhaps your best option. Here we help you figure out how to research cars, and even how to negotiate with dealerships:

New Car Features

Automobile manufacturers continue to improve new cars on the road today. From variable valve timing to advanced transmissions, we'll help explain some of the technologies that make cars easier to drive, and more fuel efficient than ever before.

Leasing a Car

Leasing a car is becoming increasingly popular today for consumers that like the idea of driving a new car every couple of years. Leases also allow you to avoid making a sizable capital (down payment) investment in a depreciating asset. If you're thinking about leasing your next car, then we can help you get started:

Buying a Used Car

With the growing market for leased cars, we're starting to see many "gently used" cars hitting the market; some even carrying the label "certified used vehicle." If you can find a dependable used car, then buying one might be the most economical purchase decision you can make:

New and Used Car Loans

Not many people walk into a car dealership and pay cash for their new car. With new automobiles averaging close to $30,000, car loans are a "must have" for most of us. If you're looking for new car loan, or might have a credit problem, we can help you work through the process of financing your next car purchase:

Car Safety, Insurance and Accessories

Figuring out what accessories you need or want in a new car is sometimes a difficult decision. Our car accessories articles tell you what features will also provide value when you finally sell the car. Since most states and finance companies mandate car insurance, we threw in some information on that topic too:

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Moneyzine Editor