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Operating Expenses (OpEx)

Last updated 27th Jun 2022


The financial accounting term operating expense is used to describe all of the costs associated with the ongoing operations of the company. Operating expenses appear on the company's income statement.


Operating expenses, also known as OPEX, includes expenditures such as the cost of goods sold (direct labor, raw materials), as well as overheads such as selling, general and administrative expenses; research and development; property taxes; and office supplies.

The management of a company attempts to keep operating expenses as low as possible in order to maximize profits. Operating expenses can be considered the essential costs incurred by a company in order to keep the core business running.


The table below demonstrates how operating expenses can appear on a company's income statement:

Total Revenue 29,611,000Cost of Goods Sold(15,693,000)Gross Profit13,918,000 Operating Expenses Selling General and Administrative(7,740,000)Operating Income or Loss6,178,000

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