The skills section of a resume provides an opportunity for the job applicant to explain their abilities and knowledge used to achieve results. The applicant should highlight those skills that were used in the highest impact positions held throughout their work history.


The most marketable skills appearing on a resume should be positioned as the tools used to support the applicant's summary of qualifications, or success stories.  When compiling a list of career or job skills, the applicant should initially put together an exhaustive list, then prioritize and edit them at a later point in time.


Some examples of skills used on a resume include:

  • Sales / Marketing Skills:  market research, advertising, account development
  • Operational Skills:  product research, project management, procurement, materials management
  • Human Resource Skills:  recruiting, training, labor negotiations
  • Financial / Administrative Skills:  mergers and acquisitions, budgeting, cost reduction strategies
  • Supervisory Skills:  staff development, planning skills, team building

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