Screening Interview


A screening interview is part of the job selection process used by potential employers, and recruiters, to evaluate the suitability of a job applicant to fill an opening in an organization.  A screening interview is a brief question and answer session, typically conducted in a relatively informal manner.


Screening interviews are used to narrow down a list of potential job applicants, thereby increasing the efficiency of the formal interview process.  A screening interview can be held over the phone, or a face-to-face meeting, with a recruiter or a member of the hiring company's human resources department.

The process typically includes questions to clarify information found on the candidate's application or resume.  Typical durations for screening interviews can range from ten to thirty minutes.

In-person screening interviews are sometimes used as an introductory meeting with a job applicant to get a general feel for the candidate's fit with the company's corporate culture.  A screening interview is the least formal of all the face-to-face interviews.
Being asked to participate in a screening interview is a positive sign because it usually means the hiring company feels the applicant's documentation (resume, application) indicates the candidate is qualified for the job opening.

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