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Resignation Letter


The term resignation letter refers to a written notice an employee provides to their employer when they intend to leave the company. Tendering a letter of resignation can help employees to maintain a positive relationship with their employer, while providing notice they intend to resign.


A resignation letter is used by individuals to formally advise their employer they are leaving the company. The letter needs to be simple, brief, and focused. It should also portray a positive attitude towards what will be their former employer. Generally, employees should provide their employer with this letter two weeks before their last day on the job.

The letter of resignation should explain to the employer the essential facts; the letter should also be signed and dated. Typically, the first person to receive this letter would be the employee’s immediate supervisor. A human resources representative should also receive a copy of the letter. Unless it is impracticable to do so, the letter should be hand delivered by the employee.

The letter only needs to include the following two elements:

  • Formal notice a decision was made to leave the company.
  • The effective date of the resignation.

The letter should not be used to document why the employee decided to leave the company unless the employee intends to eventually file a lawsuit against the employer. In those situations, the letter should be co-authored by an attorney. Normally, the letter should express the employee’s gratitude for their time spent with the company.


The following example is a resignation letter that offers a simple approach to providing an employer with two weeks’ notice.

November 12, 20XX Ms. Holly Happiface Manager: Customer Service Company ABC

I am hereby providing Company ABC with two weeks’ notice of my intention to leave my position as Supervisor of Customer Care on Friday, November 26, 20XX.

I would like to thank you, and Company ABC, for providing me with the opportunity to be part of the Customer Care team for the past five years.



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