Placement Test


The term placement test refers to an assessment that can help an individual identify optimal jobs and career paths.  Placement tests take into consideration factors such as the individual's aptitude, interests, personality, skills, and values.


Career placement tests are frequently used by students as well as individuals looking to change their profession.  The tests can vary considerably in length as well as cost.  Typically, service providers offer free tests that provide the user with high level recommendations.  Fees are charged for longer questionnaires, which provide the user with more in-depth information.

Generally, career placement tests take one or more of the following factors into consideration:

  • Aptitude:  measures an individual's capacity to learn a new skill or their understanding of a field of knowledge.
  • Interests:  takes an inventory of the individual's interest and compares it to the interests of individuals in a variety of job types.
  • Personality:  assesses the individual's personality traits such as how they process information, if they are introverted or extroverted, and how they make decisions.  This information is then aligned with the typical requirements of each job type.
  • Skills:  takes an inventory of the skills the individual has acquired over time and aligns them with the skills needed to be successful in a given job.
  • Values:  assesses the individual's values or preferences and compares this information to the attributes of each job type.  This inventory of values will rank the importance of variables such as salary, work-life balance, position power, and social interactions with coworkers.

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