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Part-Time Job


The term part-time job refers to a position that requires an individual to work less than thirty-five hours in a single workweek. Part-time workers are typically not entitled to receive the same benefits offered to full-time employees.


The part-time workforce consists of individuals unwilling to make the commitment to a full-time job, students, as well as individuals hoping to eventually gain full time employment. As is the case with contractors, part-time positions are often used by companies to supplement full-time staff. For example, a call center might augment full-time customer service representatives with part-time workers during times of peak call volume.

When hiring individuals for part-time jobs, companies are looking for people that have some flexibility with respect to their work hours. If a part-time employee performs well on the job over time, they may be offered the opportunity to accept a full-time position. While there is no standardized definition of a part-time job, a good working definition is a position offering a work schedule of less than thirty-five hours in a single workweek.

Part-time employees are rarely offered the same benefits package as their full-time counterparts. For example, a part-time employee may not be entitled to paid time away from work such as sick days, holidays, and vacation. Medical and dental benefits are also rarely offered to part-time workers.

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