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Panel Interview


The term panel interview is used to describe a technique that allows several members of a hiring company to interview a job candidate at the same time. Members of a panel interview team typically include the hiring manager, an internal client of the hiring manager’s organization, and a member of the human resources department.


During a panel interview, each member of the interview team takes a turn asking the job applicant questions. This allows each member of the team to hear the same response given by each applicant. Normally, the interview team has a pre-established list of questions they will ask of each candidate interviewing for a particular job.

Since each applicant is asked the same set of questions, and all members of the panel hear the same response from each applicant, this approach to conducting a job interview makes the decision making process, sometimes referred to as data integration, much easier. The use of panels is an efficient approach to conducting interviews; however, they may be more stressful on the job applicant due to the relatively large number of people present at the meeting.

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