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New Job Orientation (Onboarding)


The term new job orientation refers to a process that provides a systematic and comprehensive approach to introducing new employees to their workplace. Job orientation programs help new employees to make a smoother transition into their new physical surroundings, organization, roles, and responsibilities.


Also known as onboarding, new job orientation programs have two overall objectives. The first is to make new employees feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings. They also help minimize the time before new employees are productive members of their workgroup. A comprehensive program will address the following:

  • Company / Departmental Overview: includes going over items such as the vision / mission statement of the company or department, along with organization charts and value statements. These activities give the employee a baseline understanding of the overall mission of the company and provide an introduction to the objectives and goals of their department.
  • Job Expectations: includes any training the new employee might receive, a review of job descriptions and expectations, and the company’s performance management or appraisal process. These activities eliminate confusion later on, and give the employee a clearer picture of what it takes to be successful.
  • Policies and Procedures: includes a review of legal concepts such as hostile work environments, affirmative action policies, fit-for-duty programs, as well as formal procedures such as employee compensation.
  • Administrative Items: includes policies such as normal work hours, overtime pay, and inclement weather practices. Completing this segment of a new job orientation process may involve gathering information such as the employee’s emergency contacts.

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