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Job Sharing


The term job sharing refers to an arrangement involving two or more part-time employees responsible for the duties of one full-time position. Job sharing can also involve two or more part-time employees apportioning the budget for a full-time employee.


Classified as an alternative work arrangement, the popularity of job sharing has been on the rise since its inception in the 1970s, when more women began to enter the workforce. Job sharing allows two or more individuals to split up the responsibilities of one full time job. While the logistical challenges are borne by local management, the arrangement is thought to benefit the employees as well as the business.

Job sharing allows employees to balance their personal needs with the demands of the workplace. The arrangement also provides companies with the opportunity to retain valued individuals and develop bench strength. These programs are believed to increase productivity as well as employee morale.

The success of a job sharing arrangement will depend on the flexibility and cooperation of the participants. The challenge for the company’s management team is to extract value from the program. Ideally, the arrangement should prove to be more productive than hiring one full-time employee.

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