Job Qualifications (Job Specifications)


The term job qualifications refers to the education, work experience, and skills appearing on a job opening.  Recruiters and hiring managers use the list of required and desired job qualifications when selecting applicants for an interview.


Also known as job specifications, job qualifications are a summary of the experience, skills, and education a candidate needs to possess to be successful in a specific role.  The qualifications are typically drafted by a hiring manager, with the help of human resources.  Employees in similar roles may also be asked to help co-author the specifications.

While the qualifications can be used to benchmark compensation, they are also used to identify candidates for participation in a job interview.  Generally, these qualifications are broken down into the following categories:

  • Education: including high school, post-secondary courses, college and advanced degrees as well as licenses and certifications.  For example, the job qualifications for an accountant might include CPA certification in addition to a bachelor's degree in accounting.
  • Work Experience:  includes prior roles and / or responsibilities, industry knowledge, as well as the ability to use certain tools (ranging from simple hand tools to complex software applications).  For example, the qualifications for a chemist might include familiarity with science laboratories, spectrophotometers, and safety practices.
  • Skills:  including verbal and written communication, analytical, research, computer literacy, interpersonal, planning and organizing, problem-solving, customer service, leadership, and teambuilding.  For example, the qualifications for a computer technician might include knowledge of software applications and associated hardware.
  • Physical Attributes:  includes the ability to travel, lift objects of a certain weight, work variable schedules, and hold a valid driver's license.

Note:  The list of job requirements will sometimes distinguish between desired (nice to have) and required (must have) qualifications.

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