Employment Application (Job Application)


The term employment application refers to a document completed by job seekers which makes them eligible to be considered for a job opening.  Employment applications require the job candidate to provide a wide range of information, including their employment and educational backgrounds.


Also known as a job application, an employment application is one of the first forms completed by potential job candidates.  The form is a standardized document used to gather fundamental information about the candidate.  It's one of several tools employers use to compile consistent information from all individuals interested in working at their company.  Completing an application is normally one of the first steps an individual needs to take before they can even be considered for a job interview.

The types of information gathered by these documents include:

  • Current and prior mailing addresses
  • Emergency contacts and telephone numbers
  • Means of confirming identification such as Social Security and driver's license numbers
  • Past employers, military service, education and training data
  • Work locations, job titles, responsibilities and job references

Questions appearing on an employment application should be answered truthfully; even long-term employees have been terminated for falsifying information appearing on their job applications.  The forms used by companies range from simple one-pagers to complex multi-page electronic documents.

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