Electronic Resume


The term electronic resume can apply to both the scanning of a physical document into a database as well as an electronic document prepared in a word processing application such as Word or Writer.


An electronic resume is frequently used by online organizations supplying resume posting services to clients (such as Monster and CareerBuilder).  Since the electronic posting of a resume is a database approach to searching for job applicants, it is important the resume format be consistent, and readable, by the host system.  To make sure the job applicant's information is populated into the database correctly, a template is normally supplied by the online service provider.

For example, the electronic resume may include a section for capturing data such as educational background and work history.  Each of the fields that the applicant is required to fill out corresponds to a data field in the resume database.  Once the data is organized in this fashion, it can be efficiently searched by potential employers and recruiters.

There are also sophisticated applications used by company recruiters that can read, or scan, the electronic resume and search for key words and phrases.  The application can then create an index, or keyword profile, for each resume.


The format used for electronic resumes mirror those used in printed documents.  The combination resume provides the ideal layout and consists of the following elements:

  1. Name / Contact Information
  2. Education
  3. Honors / Certificates
  4. Career Skills / Knowledge
  5. Career Achievements
  6. Work Experience (In reverse chronological order)

When creating a resume to be scanned into an electronic database, the information should be arranged in a straightforward manner.

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