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Cover Letter Body


The cover letter body is one of three sections appearing in a cover letter. This is the place where the job applicant explains to the reader why they are contacting the company, emphasizing their achievements. The body of the cover letter is also a good place to include an objective statement.


The cover letter body, or middle paragraphs of the document, should tell the recruiter or potential employer why the job applicant deserves an interview, and what they have achieved over the course of their career. Including facts such as dollars saved or revenues earned increases the credibility of the cover letter.

When writing this paragraph, it is important to leave the door open to other opportunities at the company. This means the cover letter body should be written in a way such that the applicant may be considered for several types of job openings.

The body, or second paragraph, is one of three components that should be part of the resume’s cover letter. The other components include the introductory paragraph and the closing paragraph.


Below is an example of the information that would be included in the cover letter body:

I am bringing to your attention my achievements, leadership skills, industry knowledge, and keen ability to produce bottom line results, so that we can discuss my joining Company XYZ as a key member of your manufacturing team.

Accomplishments include:

  • While acting as Plant Manager, guided a team of eight associates that were successful in launching five Lean Six Sigma process improvement initiatives, aimed at the area of operational efficiency. Bottom line benefit to the company exceeded $5 million annually.

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